Being Authentic, The Elusive Quality and the Core Values of the Authentic Leader - Mike George, IHM Business School, fredag, 06. september 2019

The Elusive Quality and the Core Values of the Authentic Leader Exklusivt seminarium/föreläsning med Mike George här på IHM Business School Stockholm den 6:e september.
The quality we often most admire in a person is their authenticity. It attracts the foundations of all relationships namely trust and respect. It is from authenticity that genuine empathy and compassion spring and it’s what makes a leader stand out in a crowd of managers! And yet, perhaps the hardest person to find today is the one who has not lost their authenticity. But what is authenticity exactly? Why is it so easily compromised? Why is it the basis of both our personal power and the ability to empower others? How do we maintain our authenticity when faced with the pressures of exponential technological change?
- The real meaning of authenticity - How authenticity is lost and what gets in the way - The principles and values that arise naturally from authentic intentions - How authenticity offers effective ways to deal with stress and pressure - Why the ‘authentic leader’ is revealed more than developed, liberated more than learned Mike George is an author of 16 books focused around the self-understanding and the personal undevelopment’ that is necessary to restore authenticity. As a senior faculty member of Cotrugli Business School he teaches, lectures and facilitates courses and workshops with a unique blend of insight, wisdom and humour – including the Executive Development module in the school’s MBA Curriculum and Liberating Leadership courses for a variety of the school’s clients.

Frallor och kaffe serveras från kl.08.00
Seminarium 08.30 - 10.30

Being Authentic, The Elusive Quality and the Core Values of the Authentic Leader - Mike George

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