02. augusti 2020 - 5:00 till 13:30
Lion Mountain, Old Grand Port, Mauritius Island.
SwedenStockholmStockholm, Sweden

Climb Mount Lion, Lion Mountain, Old Grand Port, Mauritius Island., söndag, 02. augusti 2020

Hi we are inviting you to our upcoming event which will be climbing lion mountain. This mountain have the shape of a sitting lion.

The climbing will be starting from its tail, walking on its back and finally climbing to its head.

The climbing difficulty is hard and we recommend this hike to moderate hikers.

To participate in this event you must:

1) Wear a good pair of shoes (mosquito repellent, waterproof jacket.. are useful tools for hiking)

2) Bring your own food and water

3) Book for this event.

How to Book?

Inbox us on Facebook, the names and the contact(s) information of yours and the person willing to go with you. We will send you an account number on which a payment should be done to confirm your booking. We request you to make the payment as soon as possible as we are allowing a limited number of participant to participate in this event.

The booking fees is Rs 400/pax.

A meeting point and time of meeting will be sent directly to those who confirmed their booking for this trip. There will be no refund once your booking is confirmed!


1) Consumption of alcoholic drinks, smoking and littering is prohibited during this event.

2) The fees mentioned is used to keep on promoting, creating hiking activities and it is also used to pay our staff(s).

3) For more information you may call Brayan on 5702 7134, please use this number for calling only while no messages will be replied from it. If you are willing to communicate via message, send us a message on facebook directly. Thank you for your comprehension and see you soon!

Climb Mount Lion

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