Masterclass: Hands-on! Designing Voice Interfaces, Topp, torsdag, 14. november 2019

What do you get from the Hands-on Designing Voice Interfaces Masterclass?

Content based on Topp's expert experiences and insights from designing emerging voice interfaces with the world's largest companies
Build working voice prototypes that you will explore, test and iterate around
Work with other passionate designers, product owners, technologists, and visionaries
Learnings that you can deploy to your team or project

Is your company ready for the next user-experience paradigm?
As the popularity of voice assistants increases, it's time for organizations and companies to start creating their own experiences.
The dilemma is that there aren't many methodologies, processes, and tools available to get you started, and many companies are failing to deliver a satisfying voice experience. End-users that try voice but end up feeling unhappy with the experience might never return.
It's important to get it right from the start. In order to get there, we want to ensure you can become your own expert. This means being hands-on, designing, prototyping, testing, and iterating the voice experience.
Join us during this 2-day masterclass where Topp design and technology experts will share their insights from designing voice experiences for some of the world's largest companies. 
Our goal is to enable you to define the next great voice experience. 

Who is this for? 
This course is great for individuals working both strategically (...In which way should voice be deployed as part of my product or service portfolio?); and for those with immediate product design needs(...Which methods should I employ to enhance or deliver a great voice experience?)
This course encourages a broad set of competencies and backgrounds to attend, such as:

Product owners
Directors and managers
Those passionate about voice technologies and platforms
Technologists and engineers

The learning experience is structured using Topp's Think & Do mentality, a simple reminder to move between analytical and tangible in order to progress. The course is structured to alternate between lectures and hands-on workshops at a high pace over two days.

What should I bring into the event?
Please bring your laptop and your phone. If possible please bring an android phone or tablet.Tip! If you have a few devices, we'll be able to prototype multi-modal, multi-touchpoint experiences together! 

Day 1

8:30 Breakfast

Talk Understanding the field
Workshop Finding Your Experience
Talk Brand Personality

11:30 Family-style Lunch from Rude Food

Workshop Sketching key use cases
Talk The body language of voice
Workshop Low-fi prototyping
Talk Get familiar with the Voice Lab

17:00 Learnings from today

Day 2

8:30 Breakfast

Talk Insights working with voice
Workshop Creating your first Voice prototype!
Talk Qualitative research

11:30 Family-style Lunch from Rude Food

Workshop Qualitative research
Workshop Iterate, refine and ship!

17:00 Conclusions

Cancellation and refund policy

Cancellations must be made in writing by email to If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Please provide the name and title of the substitute delegate at least 3 working days before the first day of the programme.
A full refund minus 10% administrative charge will be made for cancellation received 2 weeks (10 days) before the course. No refund will be made for cancellation after that.
“No shows” during event days are not considered cancellations. In this instance, payment will not be returned.

Contact Information
In case of questions please contact

Masterclass: Hands-on! Designing Voice Interfaces

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