New Work: Self-organization, Elite Stadshotellet Växjö, onsdag, 09. oktober 2019

Happy to see you here! 
Most of us work with people ;) and we want to grow in both business and good relations. Welcome to be inspired and explore new ways of working in a self-organised way.
You will participate in daily unconferenced workshops and/or themed sessions driven by facilitators. We are very proud to announce two keynotes and some pre-selected sessions of drivers of the global agile scene

Day 1 Keynote “Shakeup and Speedup” by Jurgen Appelo (NL)
Day 2 Keynote “Mob-Programming and Self-Organization” by Woody Zuill (USA)
Session “Self Care” by Per Beining (DK)
Session “Liberating Structures” by Anders Linse (SE)
Session “Open Participatory Organization” by Michael Göthe (SE)
Session “Why&Who over What&How” by Alexander Krause (DE)

More information and schedules for the 2 days are available in 
Note. Lunch and fika for both days are included in the ticket price.

New Work: Self-organization

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