O-Ringen Kolmården 2019, Sverige, söndag, 21. juli 2019

Experience the wonderful terrain of Kolmården, filled with beautiful nature reserves!

Experience a very compact and central O-Ringen city which is easy to reach from both within Sweden and across Europe, for example, by low fare flights (Ryanair or Wizzair) to nearby Skavsta airport.

Experience a concept with fellowship in focus with lots of great vacation activities both in the region and in the O-Ringen city! And your club and family will be gathered at the same arenas all week long independent of Foot-O or MTB-O!

Experience the adventure at O-Ringen Kolmården 21-27 July 2019!

O-Ringen Kolmården 2019

Medlemskap (kalenderår)

Medlemskap (kalenderår)

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