OWASP Gothenburg presents Steve Gibson - SQRL - Secure Quick Reliable Login, Chalmersplatsen 1, torsdag, 26. september 2019

OWASP Gothenburg are delighted to welcome Steve Gibson from GRC.com and the Security Now podcast!
SQRL provides secure pseudonymous identity online. It has many properties that make it significantly superior to usernames, passwords and all other forms of identity establishment. Rather than another second "factor" for identity, SQRL provides a secure single factor. It can peacefully coexist alongside usernames and passwords, OAuth, FIDO, TOTP tokens, or any other system. But it is truly superior to them all and it is hoped that it might eventually replace everything else. SQRL's design is 100% open, free, unencumbered by any intellectual property rights, and it is ready for the world.

In 1970, while in high school, Steve fell in love with programming in assembly language on a 12-bit 4K DEC PDP-8 minicomputer. He's never stopped programming. Although many products bear his mark, the appearance of the Internet, and its clear need for security, caused him to create "ShieldsUP!", the free online service to allow users to check their machines for open ports, and a large variety of popular security-oriented freeware. 14 years ago, Leo Laporte asked Steve if he would consider producing a weekly Podcast on the topic of security.
Steve named it "Security Now!" and 14 years later that podcast has roughly 250,000 weekly listeners. Five years ago, the core concept for SQRL occurred to him during breakfast... and he's here to show us the result of five years of work.

A huge thank you to our sponsor for this event, Mullvad!Mullvad is a VPN service offering world-class, online privacy.
Their service helps keep users' online activity, identity, and location private. Mullvad circumvents censorship and thwarts eavesdropping from Wi-Fi hackers to local-government mass surveillance. We keep no activity logs and require no personal information.
Mullvad’s goal is to make Internet censorship and mass surveillance ineffective. Privacy is a universal right.
Check them out at

OWASP Gothenburg presents Steve Gibson - SQRL - Secure Quick Reliable Login

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