Party like Gatsby Stockholm - The Mad Mansion, Sverige, lördag, 13. januari 2018

"A year has 365 days. My mission is to present you the most memorable and magical night of these days.” - Jay Gatsby

It was 1922. Prohibition, alcohol, and excess. Jay Gatsby's Mad Mansion was known to be haunted by a kaleidoscopic carnival of every walk of life. It was full of pleasure and temptation. A place of spectacular show and grand party. It was where glamour approached chemical madness. In the centre of it, the mysterious Jay Gatsby. Limited invitations to explore the Mad Mansion available on

Party like Gatsby presents 'The Mad Mansion Tour’ - an immersive show & party, unlike anything you've ever experienced, visiting more than 15 cities. For four years Jay Gatsby, and his entourage of extraordinary artists, has been dazzling guests across Europe. Let magic spark and be paralyzed of happiness. Dress up in your finest attire and lose yourself into a fascinating world of roaring twenties madness. Only one question remains. Stockholm, who is this Gatsby?

Party like Gatsby Stockholm - The Mad Mansion

TCS Lidingöloppet 30

TCS Lidingöloppet 30

lördag 29. september 2018
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Beach House | Stockholm

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