Power of Massage therapy, Fjällgatan 23B, torsdag, 15. augusti 2019

Power of massage therapy 
Host -Sofia Felicidade Rego          Founder of Fia Ayur Wisdom, Sweden            am an Inspired Ayurvedic massage therapist with roots in the ancient tradition, offering workshops and treatments that go deeper than the skin.My passion is to bring awareness of how ancient health practices – Ayurveda – can be combined with modern therapy to obtain efficient results in achieving holistic and sustainable on the workshopNow treading among the health-conscious new generation looking to achieve a balance in the body, mind, and soul by addressing the basic needs of the human body.
Massage Therapy has been used for a very long time and its time we Love your self to self Massage tools Welcome to an inner journey to understand your body inside out! And fasten your seatbelt: Your explorations may lead you in directions you never dreamed about.

Power of Massage therapy

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