Rapid Trauma Release: certification course, Clarion Hotel Sign, söndag, 03. november 2019

NOW BOOKING STOCKHOLM NOV. 3rd Back to back with Young Living Europe's Diamond Bound event, be sure to catch this workshop combining:Neurolinguistics - Energy Work - Essential OilsThe Rapid Trauma Release (RTR©) technique is a simple and rapid healing modality for releasing patterns and cycles keep showing up in your life? What if you could erase the underlying trauma code? This is shadow work of the highest order. Rapid Trauma Release is not about choosing a quick fix over lasting transformation, but about deep engagement with the very stories that define our form identity, and rapidly, with mindful appreciation and sovereignty, becoming new. Using focused thought, energy work and essential oils, this simple technique rapidly shifts trauma and error out of DNA consciousness clearing space for higher life programming.
We are so excited to announce this LIVE certification workshop!
Click here to READ MORE and RESERVE YOUR SEAT.Get ready for a deeply transforming experience!

See you there!

Rapid Trauma Release: certification course

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