Reducing Emissions from Antibiotics Production: Supply/demand side collaboration, Tele2 Arena (Room L7), tisdag, 27. augusti 2019

Emissions of active pharmaceutical ingredients from antibiotic manufacturing are one of the key drivers for antibiotic resistance (AR). Reducing them, requires practical solutions on the engineering level as well as regulation and incentive structures to provide a level playing field and market advantage for pioneers.
While various mitigation strategies have been developed from industry, governments and procurers, none of them can reach their goals alone. This event highlights the mutual dependency of the actors in achieving the necessary emission reductions and protecting human health and the environment from avoidable pollution and spread of AR while improving access to water and its quality.
The convenors will advocate collaboration for improved transparency and accountability as the key enabling factors for improved efficiency of production and avoidance of pollution as well as the necessary regulation and incentives. The event is an opportunity to join this alliance of early movers and engage in shaping the approach.
Expected speakers are leading experts within procurement, regulators and pharmaceutical industry, sharing their experiences and challenges. 
Take part in the discussions and join us in this approach!
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This showcase is jointly organized by Centrient Pharmaceuticals, GSK, Recipharm AB, UNDP/SPHS, and SIWI Swedish Water House.

16:00 IntroductionsFrom the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to sustainable procurement - the project REAP* (Reducing Emissions from Antibiotics Production) and the different roles along the antibiotics supply chain.

Nicolai Schaaf, Programme Manager, SIWI Swedish Water House

Cheryl O’Hara, EHS Lead, External Supply and Business Development, GSK

Erik Haeffler, Vice President Manufacturing Services & Head of Sustainability, Recipharm

Alba Tiley, Head Global Sustainable Antibiotics Program, Centrient Pharmaceuticals

Rosemary Kumwenda, Regional HIV/Health Team leader, SPHS Coordinator, UNDP 

16:30 Discussion/Q&AStrengthening collaboration and mutually supportive commitments along the antibiotics supply chain: Experiences, challenges and ways forward.
16:45 End of session
*The project REAP is funded by the Swedish Postcode Foundation.

Reducing Emissions from Antibiotics Production: Supply/demand side collaboration

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