Roller skating guide tour, Malmö, söndag, 15. september 2019

You will be rolling from the creative bike hotel Ohboy in Malmö. Meeting point is at the hotel reception on the left corner of the house. Come at 10.30 to try out skates and testrun a little.
We start out by picking out your size of skates and put on all the pads. Bring a helmet if you have one. This will take about 15 min.
Than we will be rolling around the area of Västra Hamnen on the bike lanes. We will look at the architecture, hear stories and see the develepment of this area.
Book your size of skates. 
This activity is at your own risk. 
It is a lot of fun.

For custom group event contact Jeanette on
tel: +46725530035

Roller skating guide tour

Linotoldagen MALMÖ

Linotoldagen MALMÖ

onsdag 06. november 2019
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Tankar om Ledarskap

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onsdag 20. november 2019
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