Slussen Soundwalk / Jacek Smolicki, Stockholm, söndag, 08. september 2019

Besides being an important transportation hub, Slussen area in Stockholm has for many years served numerous other roles: a meeting point for indie youth, an impromptu shelter for migrants, a gathering point for homeless people, and inexpensive premises for informal businesses of all sorts, to name just a few. This is why a decision to gentrify this area was met with skepticism and hard resistance. Working at the time in the vicinity of Slussen, I passed its complex architectural setting at least a few times a day. In 2012, right before the place became subject to demolishing, I decided to document and preserve its sonosphere by conducting a series of psychogeographical excursions and field recording sessions. An extensive audio database of stories, memories, and soundscapes has been created reflecting the often unknown and invisible dimensions of Slussen. During the walk in today's, half demolished site of Slussen, I will invoke its gone spirit by sharing with the audience soundscapes and various acoustic phenomena I recorded there over the last several years.

Slussen Soundwalk / Jacek Smolicki

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