The Leader's Handbook, Grand Hotel, tisdag, 27. augusti 2019

Put aside all the overhyped new frameworks, the listicles, the "10 best things you need to succeed as a leader today." The critical leadership practices, the ones that will allow a leader to make the biggest impact over time, are well established. They're about how you create a vision and inspire others to follow it. How you make difficult strategic choices. How you lead innovation. How you get results.
These fundamental skills are even more important today as organizations and teams become increasingly networked, virtual, agile, fast-moving, and socially conscious. 
AmCham Sweden invites you to join Ron Ashkenas, Harvard Business Review Press co-author of the Leader’s Handbook: Make an Impact, Inspire Your Organization, and Get to the Next Level. During this workshop, Ron will distill the best proven ideas and frameworks about leadership that shows leaders how to have the most impact on their organizations. Ron is also an emeritus partner of Schaffer Consulting and an internationally recognized consultant and speaker on organizational transformation, acquisition integration, and simplification.
Format: An interactive workshop with a keynote and group exercises, book signing & networking.
You’ll learn how to:

Build a unifying vision

Set strategy

Manage for results

Hire and inspire great leaders and teams

Drive innovation

Lead yourself through your own career path

The Leader's Handbook

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