WEBINAR Online The Future of designers skills , tools and tech for the Future/ English, Webinar Online, torsdag, 15. augusti 2019

The Future of designers, skills, tools and Tech for the FutureDescriptionGet a fresh perspective on a challenging topic or identify new businesses in this Free Exceptional Webinar. Starting from the behavioral point of view to break down misconceptions about technology trends and your new ****** design thinking capabilities and more. Hope: it is anticipating something good to come in the future. You do not expect what you already have, although you can expect it to continue or end.We have Hope to believe and create the best or the best we can. It is even an act of conscious affirmation.The human tendency to hope is a consequence of the evolution of the brain.And it is the source of the opportunities to come. It encourages us to continue and puts wings at our it, we are unable to take action from anything.But Hope includes the word "problem." We **** each day and hope to be able to solve every one of the problems that life puts in front of us, and we do it with how we build a future; or how could we even prototype the future with something of Hope? from our conception?
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Speaker : Caro SalazarCDO Design Thinking Institute Sweden entire brand identity of an industry-leading award-winning learning Idea Couture a world-class creative team of thinkers, animators, designers, composes, and high-level talent collaborative workers in Design Thinking Innovation e Idea CoutureStrategized with Executive Directors for the most important companies in the world; growing business for start-up launch "Design Thinking Institute Global," an award-winning "boutique" design Experience firm and "Experience Creation Center of Excellence" that provides a complete Service; With an impressive list of Fortune 500 clients, driving successful international expansion.

WEBINAR Online The Future of designers skills , tools and tech for the Future/ English

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